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Virtuous Cowgirls

  The Virtuous Cowgirls is a mentoring group for girls going into 7th through 12th grade. These cowgirls are mentored according to the Proverbs 31 woman and taught how to stand firm on God's truth, the Bible.

  This group meets weekly, January -November. We ask for a commitment to a minimum 3 out of every 4 weeks. We ask this because all through life you will need to make commitments and decisions. This helps these cowgirls to prepare for those decisions in life. We also limit the number of participants to 10, so if we have someone waiting to get into this program we would like to give them the opportunity. 

  Our Cowgirls are also asked to be involved in  more than just the weekly meetings. We ask them to help with chores, mentor the Created Cowpokes, and help with other Ministry events. They are also encouraged to come and work with the horses on their own time as well. 

 If you are interested in joining the Virtuous Cowgirls, please fill out a

Cornerstone Fellowship Ministry Youth Application

The Virtuous Cowgirl

A paraphrase of Proverbs 31:10-31 

by The Virtuous Cowgirls of Cornerstone Fellowship Ministry 


A cowgirl of noble character is a hard one to lasso, 

she is worth far more than a champion belt buckle. 


Her cowboy trusts her, 

and has more riches than the wealthiest rancher. 


She does her cowboy good and not evil, 

from the dawn of her time until she hangs her hat. 


She selects colts and fillies, 

and is eager to get her hands on them. 


She is like the Union Pacific, 

bringing her food from the coasts. 


She puts her boots on before the rooster crows, 

putting grub on the table for her family and ranch hands. 


She ponders an acreage and buys it, 

and from her earnings she plants a hay field. 


She sets about her work like a cattle dog roundin’ up the herd, 

and she’s got the guns to get it all done. 


She knows the value of her herd, 

she doesn’t hang her hat ‘til her work is done. 


In her hands she holds the reins, 

and wraps her fingers around the lasso. 


She welcomes the lost to her fire, 

and extends the canteen to the thirsty. 


When the blizzard blows in she has no fear for her family, 

‘cause she always has the home fire burnin’. 


Her bed is covered with her prize winnin’ quilt, 

she is clothed in the finest calico and her boots are always polished. 


Her cowboy is respected down at the sale barn, 

where he sits with the cattlemen of the county. 


She makes woven saddle pads and sells them, 

and supplies the storekeeper with chaps. 


She’s adorned with brawn and nobility, 

and she scoffs at the devil’s schemes. 


She shoots the breeze with common sense, 

and she never shies away from the truth. 


Like a hawk she watches over the affairs of her homestead, 

and she doesn’t drag her feet when there’s work to be done. 


Her little buckaroos and cowpokes give her honor, 

and her cowboy does too, sayin’: 


“Many cowgirls win the buckle, 

but you, my dear, out-rope them all.” 


Enchantment flees like a chicken from a coyote, 

and prettiness fades like colors in the sun, 

but it’s hats off to the God fearin’ cowgirl. 


When she reaches the trails end she’ll receive the crown of glory, 

for no one ever wondered if she was a child of God.

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