Day Clinic - $300.00

    Enjoy a day of Horsemanship instruction with fellow equestrians. Spend the day in intensive instruction on the Cornerstone’s of Horsemanship or bring them to your barn. Day clinics will run approximately 6 hours with a maximum of 10 riders. If hosting a clinic at your barn travel expenses are included in clinic fee up to 50 miles.


    Have a group of 3-6 riders who would like to learn together? Schedule a 2 hour group lesson! Fee is for the entire group, so gather your fellow equestrians and split the price! School horses are available, but if you have your own we encourage you to bring them. Minimum age to participate in a group lesson is 7 years old. First time riders using school horses are asked to take a minimum of 2 Private Lessons, no matter the rider level, to have an understanding of how we operate at Cornerstone Farm.



    These are lessons with two riders, usually working on the same goal with their riding or training of their horse. So grab a friend and bring them along so you can both save on lessons! Duration of lesson is approximately 90 minutes




    Private lessons are available for all levels and disciplines of horses and riders. This is a great time for one-on-one student and instructor time to work on a specific goal in your riding or to address a problem area with your horse. School horses are available for private lessons. Duration of lesson is approximately 50 minutes.

    These 30-minute private lessons are the perfect way to get your little cowboy or cowgirl started! For young riders ages 3-6. Tiny-tots will learn the basics of grooming, leading, saddling and control of the horse. The riding instructor teaches by example in all these aspects and makes riding fun. What your Tiny-Tot learns in these lessons is perfect for a good foundation and showing off their skills in the Lead Line classes available at the shows.


    Available for our boarders, horse lease riders and arena use riders. Only have a few minutes and need some help? Don’t hesitate to ask! If you’re in the arena riding and need a little guidance we’ll be there to help you out.


    When you schedule and purchase 4 lessons in advance you will save $5 on each lesson for each rider.


Join our Cornerstone Farm Facebook community to find fellow riders to go in on lessons with you. 

Group Lessons - $120.00 each group

Semi-Private Lessons - $70.00 each lesson for 2 riders

Private Lessons - $45.00 each lesson

Tiny-Tot Lessons - $25.00 each lesson 

15 Minute Lessons - $15.00 each 

Purchase in advance and save!

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