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Horse Training Program

Cornerstone Horsemanship

Contact us to learn more and get on the schedule. 

               Training at Cornerstone Farm is overseen by Greta Cummings, both in working with the horses and supervising apprentice trainers. The approach taken in the training program is set on the horse’s timeline. Our goal is to end with a broke horse, who is a willing partner no matter what the job at hand is for them to do. Some horses take longer than others and rather than pressure a horse into doing something they are not physically or mentally ready to do, we work step by step to lay a good foundation so a horse can build with confidence.

       The relationship with horse and rider is the second most important aspect of a willing and broke horse. We strongly encourage the riders, to be involved in the training of the horses as much as possible. This means owners are encouraged to take lessons on a weekly basis or more often if possible. Students are encouraged to come and work with their school horse as much as possible, even outside of lesson times. Buyers are welcome to come and spend some dedicated time working with the horse and are encouraged to ride with us on multiple occasions.

              While in our care the horse's needs as a whole are met, including their physical needs through body work and nutritional needs through a complete feed with additional herbs and minerals as needed. 

       “If there is trust and confidence and an understanding of the job to do, riding becomes a pleasure for both parties, no matter what the discipline.”

                                                                 –Melanie Smith-Breidt, mentor to Greta Cummings

For more information about  training methods please visit the Cornerstone Horsemanship Blog and our YouTube Channel.


Training Fee is $245.00 a week

Fee includes full board, training, and lessons.

Please Contact Us to get on the schedule and answer any questions.

Horse Evaluation - $45.00 each

Don't necessarily need to send your horse to training, but need some help getting your horse equipped correctly? Consider having us come and do an evaluation of your horse. We will look at your horse from three perspectives: Mental (Training), Physical, and Nutritional. 

Mental & Training: 

  • Does your horse have an undesirable behavior or a new behavior you cannot explain? 

  • Is your horse performing to the best of their ability? Is there something better that could be done?

  • We will help you understand your horse and why they do what they do better.


  • Is your horse "off" but you can't find the reason?

  • Perhaps your horse's behavior is linked to a physical issue and not just a training issue. 

  • Through body work we can see where your horse is holding tension and help them relieve it and relax to work better for you. 


  • Believe it or not what your horse eats affects how they feel and think. 

  • We can help you find a ration that suits your horse best.

  • Everything we offer the horse is all natural and found in creation. 

Bitting Session - $45.00 each

Schedule a Bitting Session. Learn more about how bits work and communicate with your horse and how you play a large role in how the bit works. 

Cornerstone Farm believes in the Myler Bitting System and shares the science of bits and bitting with you and your horse. We also have several bits available for sale, and in the event that you purchase a bit during your session, the session price will be applied to the purchase of your bit. Ask about bit rental as well!

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