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Beginning March 4th at 6:00pm

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    Core Building for Better Riding is a beginner friendly fitness class designed specifically for the equestrian. Using the teachings from "Biblical Prescription for Life" and yoga practices specific to the rider will help you get your riding season off on the right lead. 

    This six week series will begin on March 4th and will continue through April 8th at 6:00pm weekly. Special guests will include Lyn Conrad, RN instructor for "Biblical Prescription for Life" and Dr. Christine Woodford, DVM from VIPs to give participants a full understanding of what it takes for you and your horse to stay fit. 

    With horseback riding being viewed as mostly a recreational activity, many do not realize the rider is an athlete not just a participant. Horseback riding is listed 64th on the National Electronic Injury Surveillance Systems of the United States Consumer Products among the activities of people relative to injuries that result in stay at U.S. hospitals. Horses are 5 to 15 times larger, 20-40 times more powerful, and 3-4 times faster than a human. When a rider falls from their horse to the ground it will generally be at a distance from 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 feet, and that impact many times results in injury to the rider. It has been scientifically proven that keeping the body fit both physically and mentally results in better muscle tone and strength as well as stronger bone structure.  Building one's core strength will give you better balance and stability in the saddle as well when your horse may spook or make spontaneous movements. 

    In Cornerstone Horsemanship's quest to Promote Excellence in Horsemanship, and helping make you a better you, we hope you join us for this journey of Core Building for Better Riding. Cost is $30.00 with limited spots for participants. Yoga mat is necessary to participate.


Participation is full for this class. Please contact us to be put on the waiting list. 

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