Hay Chix Hay Nets

Get tired of looking at "The Mess"?

Try a Hay Chix (formerly the Cinch Chix) hay net for any size bale from large round bales to small square bales and even down to a few flakes. Using a hay net for feeding choice hay is the best way to go as it will eliminate the 30% waste that is found when feeding round bales with just a hay ring and reduce gorging on horses that eat more than their fair share. All of this results in your round bale lasting up to 57% percent longer! Stretch the hay, not the dollar. Invest in a net and it will pay for itself with in just a few bales! We offer competitive pricing compared to other retail sellers.


We use Hay Chix nets for feeding all of our horses here at Cornerstone Farm (photos above are from our farm) with great success! Our testimonial is that we were setting a Large Round bale out for 6 horses every 3-4 days. We started using the Hay Chix nets and we now set a bale every 7-8 days for 6 horses. It makes a huge difference! Also keep the stalls cleaner with using a Mini Net, Free Up Feeder or Hay Rack in the stalls. Horses can't waste hay by walking on it and messing in it.


We also ask that you understand that we are a small business and we don't always have the net of your choice on hand and we need to order it. This can sometime delay receiving your net up to 14 days after ordering. We thank you for your business and your patience.

Choose your net:


The original net size is the most popular and widely used. The SFX (Slow Feed Extreme) is great for smaller livestock and fowl. The SF (Slow Feed) is perfect for your horses that eat too much and need to be kept busy as well as horses that quid (make hay balls) and small livestock such as goats, sheep and miniature horses. 


Also available is the Large Stock net which has a 2 1/2" opening, great for Draft horses and a cows!


Heavy Duty netting is available in all net sizes, with the exception of the Micro Mini net, in the Original 1 3/4" opening and in Mini, Hay Rack, and Free Up Feeder in the Slow Feed 1 1/4" opening. 


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about any of the nets! 

Our electronic payment system is currently unavailable. Contact us to purchase.

Choose your size:

Large Bale Nets


Large bale nets are available for a 6x6 large round bale or a 4x4 small round bale. The 6x6 net will also hold two Large Square bales and the 4x4 will hold one 3x3x6 Large Square bale. 


Available in Original, SF, SFX, Large Stock and Heavy Duty.

West Coast Net


The West Coast net is designed to hold 2 small square bales. 


Available in Original, SF, SFX and Heavy Duty.

Small Bale Nets


Designed to hold a full small square bale.


Available in Original, SF, SFX and Heavy Duty.

Half-Bale Nets


Designed to hold up to one half of a small square bale. Portion out your horse's hay. They are perfect for on the go with their ability to clip to the trailer or anywhere else you want to hang one.


Available in Original, SF, SFX and Heavy Duty.

Micro-Mini Nets


Micro-mini nets are the smallest of the small for feeding those little critters. They are designed to hold 1-2 flakes of hay at a time.


Available in SF and SFX.

Free Up Feeder


The free up feeder mounts right to your stall, shed or barn wall. It has a metal frame that swings down for easy loading and clips back up in the "closed" position. Net holds up to one half of a small square bale.


Available in SF, SFX and Heavy Duty.

Hay Rack   


The hay rack mounts right to your trailer, stall, shed or barn wall. It is the easiest feeder on the market right now. Just throw your hay in and walk away! Choice of net to hold up to a half a small square bale or a full small square bale.


Available in SF, SFX and Heavy Duty.

Need a replacement net, rope or hoggle, or repair twine or kit? We can get them for you! It takes time to update our page and the Chix keep adding great products to serve our customers and we just can't always keep up. Rest assured we will get them added to our site as time allows, remember we are a small operation. 

Contact us for replacement parts. We can get you what you need to make the savings last!