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Check out the pictures and videos of last night's set up of the dinosaur collection. I didn't get as many of the American history artifacts as I thought. Guess you will have to come out this morning to see for yourself. It starts at 9am!

Even if you do not have Facebook you should be able to see the event and discussion where the pictures are.

Matt and Ryan have made it! We will be uploading the trailer and setting up the displays at 5:00pm. The Astronomy will not happen tonight as the weather is not good for it. We will try and get it in tomorrow evening. Come on out at 5 and bring some muscles!

Matt and Ryan will be arriving to the church early this afternoon. Once they make it in, we will get more details about this evening's activities. We look forward to having everyone here!

We are so excited to have Matt Miles and Ryan Cox here this weekend from Creation Truth Foundation! Are you ready?

There have been a couple of changes to the schedule for our Creation Truth Foundation weekend. Make sure you check them out in the event schedule.

America's Christian Heritage will be in the morning and Dinosaurs and Creation will be in the evening on Saturday.

Pray for good weather friday evening for the Astronomy session!


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