Cornerstone Farm Fee Schedule
Effective January 1, 2019


Riding Lessons:
    See Riding Lessons

Stall Board    Full Time Boarding is not available at this time as we are full
-    daily hay feedings (up to 2% of horses body weight, maximum of 25 pounds)
-    2 feedings of concentrated grain per day (up to 6 pounds per day) 
-    Fresh water with weekly bucket cleaning (heated in winter months)
-    Daily turnout and stall cleaning (turnout overnight May-October, daytime turnout November-April)
-    Bedding allowance of 1 bag per week (maximum of 4 per month)
-    Tack storage
-    Arena Use
-    Nightly check
-    $10.00 discount on private lessons


Full turnout Board    Full Time Boarding is not available at this time as we are full
-    2-3 daily hay feedings (up to 2% of horses body weight, (maximum of 25 pounds per day) or round bale in turnout
-    Fresh water with regular tank cleaning as needed (heated in winter months)
-    Free Choice Mineral
-    Tack storage
-    Arena Use
-    Nightly check
-    $10.00 discount on private lessons

Enhanced Board - $75.00/month additional ($115.00 value)
-    Blanketing/Sheeting (with owner provided blankets/sheets)    
-    Grooming
-    Supplement feeding and storage (provided by owner)
-    Holding for Veterinarian and Farrier


Initial Intake: $250.00 for 1 week
-    Horse will be worked with and given an mental, physical and train-ability assessment with a training program outline to be discussed before further training
Monthly Training: $950/month
-    Includes boarding, training, routine farrier care (up to a full set of steel shoes) and veterinarian exam if needed.
-    3 month minimum in training program for each horse


Mare Care and Foaling Services:
    Seasoned mare watch         -$200.00
    Maiden mare watch            -$300.00     
    Daily boarding charge        -$   25.00
-    Stall board as described under Boarding above
-    24 hour monitoring of pregnant mares
-    Normal, uncomplicated delivery
-    Routine umbilical cord care
-    Post delivery monitoring of mare and foal for normal activities
-    A difficult foaling can result in an additional minimum charge of $100.00


Medical Care - $10.00/day
-    Bandage changing, injections or any other medical attention needed will be cared for
-    All supplies needed are the responsibility of the owner
-    Vet charges will be billed directly to the owner
-    Full turnout boarded horses in need of stall rest will be charged stall board fee


Additional Services Available At Cornerstone Farm

Blanketing/Sheeting                          - $ 15.00/month
Grooming                                            - $   5.00/each
Blanket/Sheet Washing                    - $   5.00/each
Holding for Vet or Farrier                - $10.00/each horse
Extra Grain Feedings                        - $      .50/pound
Extra Hay Feedings                           - $      .20/pound
Storage & Feeding Supplements     - $20.00/month
Tack Storage                                       - $10.00/month 
Arena Use                                           - $20.00
Horse Sales                                         - 10% commission, minimum $200.00
Private Turnout                                 - $50.00/Additional per Month
Use of Lesson horse at Shows          - $15.00 each show (transport not included)
Show Grooming                                 - $75.00/each horse
-    Bathing, banding or braiding, face and leg clipping, attaching tail extension & polish and shine products.


- Single Horse round trip $.75/mile, $30.00 minimum charge
- Multiple Horses round trip $.40/mile each horse, $15.00 minimum charge each
- Single Horse one way $1.50/mile, $50.00 minimum charge
- Multiple Horses one way $ .80/mile,$25.00 minimum charge each


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